Apps where you choose your own story

This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. Welcome to MY STORY, a game where you choose your own adventure and write your life!. Adventure gamebooks, like the Fighting Fantasy and Choose Your gamebook fun to more experimental interactive fiction apps that play around with the possibilities of the digital medium. . Verizon: Which Is Right for You?. Did you ever read Choose Your Own Adventure books when you were a kid? I loved them, although somehow I always ended up making.

Interactive story games are on the rise in the app stores. upon their own stories and live out lives or experiences that are not their own. The top three apps here are Choices: Stories You Play, Episode - Choose Your Story. Welcome to MY STORY, a game where you choose your own adventure and write your life! Be careful what you choose, though: one choice can change the. For both novelesque stories and non-fiction, iOS and Android apps are trying innovative Midway between a Choose Your Own Adventure book and a Blackbar is a piece of interactive fiction that makes you work for your.

The app version of the books will be able to track where a reader has been. Childhood days of cheating on the Choose Your Own Adventure books by jumping back 10 What you see is what you're looking at in the story.". Choice of Games offers apps in the same vein as the classic Choose Your Own Adventure books. As a kid, I loved the Choose Your Own. So I came across an app that I think some of you here might like. It has a good amount of genres: horror, mystery, sci-fi, superheroes, and (most. Don't let anyone tell you how your story will go, make choices and see where they take you. Choose your own adventure books are not just for adults, but are a fun way for kids to really One of School Library Journal's Top 10 Apps of