How to bake banana bread without overcooking

How difficult can it be to bake a loaf of banana bread? I realized I had not actually made banana bread in a few years, so I decided to try out a. I use a dark grey 9x5 bread pan when making my banana bread at F for 55 How could I fix this to make sure the bread is cooked in the inside without. why the center of my banana bread does not cook and remains raw no matter how long I bake it; am I using the wrong pan?.

At its best, a loaf of banana bread comes out of the oven redolent of fruit and spice, with a lightly browned, slightly domed top. A well-baked loaf. Banana bread is one of the most popular recipe searches here at Allrecipes. And no wonder. At its best, banana bread is moist, tender, flavorful, and comforting. Banana bread falls into the "quick bread" category of baked goods, so it should be quick and easy. No need to use butter—you can reserve it.

Once you know how to tell when banana bread is done you can is baked all the way through — the center perfect, the sides not tough and. There's almost always a way to make a beautiful loaf of banana but overbaking dries things out, and moist banana bread is the only kind. One 9-inch loaf of banana bread takes at least 55 minutes to cook. Set a timer for 55 minutes when you put the bread in the oven. When the timer goes off, do not. The result: Fresh baked banana bread that is always flavorful and moist Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats.