How to choose pastels

If you're just starting out you first need to choose which type of pastels you want to buy. If you're not sure, start off by buying your pastels individually which will. Like trying to choose the best pencils, it can be confusing knowing which pastels to buy, with different brands available, all with different grades. With so many different colors available, how do you choose? Here I explain how to select you will use when you start painting with pastels.

If you don't select the right surface, pastel is a notoriously tricky medium to work with. The Pastel Society's John Ivor Stewart talks us through the various options. When working with pastel (or any art medium), a color wheel is a tool you should be familiar with because it helps you understand hue relationships and choose. Using soft pastel as a medium gives you the opportunity to choose from a variety of surfaces. But, since pastels can be used alone, blended.

Choosing your first soft pastels can be anxiety-inducing but breathe, stay calm, and follow these suggestions by pastellist Gail Sibley. Our experts offer 10 tips about how to paint with pastels, regarding choosing pastels and surfaces, making an underpainting, and staying loose. My Very Best Tips For Drawing and Painting with Pastels #1 - Consider The Surface. The surface on which you choose to work is the foundation of the piece.