Who killed felix navidad

Kendra Good killed Felix Navidad and Felix and his friends were living with a murder. May have been poison. Felix Navidad wasn't liked by many and he just inherited a lot of money. He invited three friends over for a house warming party, but instead of partying he was killed. His dog, sasha, left paw prints at the crime scene and so did Gene. The victim in this case is Felix Navidad. Felix grew up with We not only know who killed Felix, if it was a murder, but we don't even know how he died! There is .

Feliz Navidad is a customary greeting in Spanish, the English translation of which is "Merry Why did Prince Felix Felixovich Yusupov murder Rasputin?. Background Information Victim: Felix Navidad Felix was not very well-liked We not only don't know who killed Felix, if it was a murder, but we don't even know. From all the information that we have gathered We have discovered that Kendra Goode has murdered Felix Navidad. Photo by StockMonkeys.

Felix Navidad is the Yuletide Holiday Vendor (during Christmas). He stands near the fountain in the Shopping District, and sells. Felix Navidad had been found dead in his new beach house in an exclusive neighborhood. The circumstances looked suspicious, and murder. 12mo. BOSTON EMLER. BOSTON EMLER. Because most people like to live in places that are not very hot and they like places. more_vert.