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It's easy to memorize anything you need, with customized instructions based on the type This helps your memory, as well as fast recovery of information when. Memorizing quickly is an important talent to have. The art of memorization is ancient and history is filled with clever ways of committing things to memory. For rote memorization, we simply repeat and repeat what we need to memorize until it's committed to memory. Read the material as fast as you can, to familiarize yourself with it. It is important to have a general picture of the material. Reading the table of contents, sub.

I have exams coming up, with lots of long answers. How can I memorize the material fast? wikiHow Contributor. Community Answer. You don't have to memorize. This way, you can effectively memorize the material for your test. This can also easily help you focus on what you are really studying for, and. How to Memorize Quotes. Whether an inspirational remark, poem, or religious passage, memorizing a quote is a gratifying experience: the words become part of.

There are hundreds of different memorization techniques out there, but Since typing is generally faster than handwriting, you may have more time to type the. Move around as you memorize. You will memorize your lines much faster if you move around, gesture, and show emotion as you say them. Don't just say the. How to Memorize a Poem Quickly. Poem memorization is a standard assignment in many schools. However, reciting Shakespeare is no walk in the park for. Break up your study session to memorize quickly. If you only have a short time to learn the essay, you should study it in small doses with breaks.