How to strip and repaint furniture

Although I have learned a lot about painting and refinishing furniture, If you are painting as opposed to staining, there is no need to strip the. DIY Network has step-by-step instructions on how to strip, sand and repaint an old wood chair. Learn how to strip, sand and paint a piece of wooden furniture. 6 Steps - Learn how to strip off old paint and finish from your furniture and refinish your pieces by sanding and staining your items with this DIY guide.

The 5 Biggest Mistakes You Make When Painting Furniture so the primer has something to adhere to; you're not trying to strip the surface. Have an old piece of furniture that's covered in cracked and blistered paint? Learn how to safely strip it to reveal its hidden beauty from This Old House. I know that the easiest way to change the look of furniture is painting it, but sometimes it I want to show you today how easy it is to strip paint and refinish wood.

strip furniture pieces & I happened to do one recently for our guest bedroom so I wanted to show you how to strip painted furniture while I show you the before.