What fishing line to use

Pound test is a measurement of how much (in pounds) stress can be put on fishing line before it breaks. Depending on the what, where and. I use Spiderwire braid for about 50 percent of my bass fishing and carry it in three line sizes — , and pound test. I use the pound. It should roughly match the weight of the species you are fishing for (e.g. use line in the pound test for tuna in the pound range). A typical.

Bass fishing terminology and techniques can baffle even the most experienced anglers. We cover Here is a quick rundown of which line to use for which baits. Monofilament Fishing Line - The easy-to-handle, all-around performer. A quick starting point on which lines to put on what rods to get ready to cover most of your bases in bass fishing.

Line fight. There are few decisions anglers make that are more important than what they use to spool their fishing reels. (Photo by Todd Masson. I've long heard this question, and there is so much controversy about what line to use with what lure. The best answer to that is what you are. Fishing line that has more stretch can allow the fish to get a better bite and hold. Because of this property, monofilament is great when using reaction baits.