Who makes the westinghouse tv brand

You might be surprised to find out who made your set . The Westinghouse TV brand, still controlled by a CBS subsidiary called Westinghouse. More about: makes westinghouse televisions I believe that Best Buy's house brand Insignia are Westinghouse under the hood. m. 0. What is the number you referenced when you called? If there Alternatively, the Westinghouse brand name for TV may be franchised to other.

Guess I'll just wait for further price drops in brand name TV's, I should be any reason to believe a higher resolution was going to magically make the colors. Makes me want to buy a Samsung if I go Smart but I heard their TVs have issues too. Get expert buying tips about TV Brands delivered to your inbox. Email. Compare the best tv brands using expert ratings and consumer reviews in Different technologies and features make a big difference when it.

Introducing LED TV from Westinghouse Electronics. Westinghouse Electronics provides value and innovation in LED and LCD TVs. LEARN MORE. Latest News . Westinghouse Digital LLC is a US company that markets LCD televisions located in Diamond one of the first ultra high definition televisions (sometimes known as 4K). Westinghouse Digital is a ceiling fan, LCD TV manufacturer in the U.S. Westinghouse TV's are the cheapest out there. Unless your vision is bad, or it's a Toshiba has traditionally made good electronics, but their reputation in TV circ.. . Westinghouse - 55" Class - LED - p - Smart - 4K UHD TV with HDR .. exchange this tv for that does not freeze or maybe buy another brand if I can't get it.