How to join the navy league

Why You Should Join. The Navy League depends on passionate individuals like you to advocate for our mission. Local councils adopt ships and shore. Navy League Membership! Membership Join Membership Renew The Navy League depends on passionate individuals like you to carry our education and. Members of the Navy League are also recognized for their integrity, patriotism their spouses, family members, and inactive reservists are indeed invited to join.

Your Navy League membership pays for itself! Join today and take advantage of the savings youll receive through special pricing on multipleyear memberships. *Members will first need to login or register for an online account to renew. Prompts to register or reset password are at the bottom of the login page. Proudly serving the men and women of our sea services — Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard Complete this form to join the Navy League of the United States.

This page and the content has been automatically generated for you to give you a basic idea of how a “Join Us” page should look like. You can customize this. Join Now | Click here to join Greater Austin Council. Home Page for the Massachusetts Bay Council of the Navy League. Applications are found at HUDNER, CAPT Thomas J., Jr. The easiest way to join the Navy League.. attend a dinner meeting! Individual Membership Who is eligible for membership? Any American citizen interested in .