How to make double barrel paintball gun

Gain the upper hand over opponents on the battle field by arming yourself with this double barrel paintball gun. Each set comes with 2 cartridges, 2 O-ring kits. The DEUCE!' Introducing the World's First Double-Barrel, Air Cartridge Paintball Pistols! Includes: DEUCE Marker (fully assembled on Black SOLO frame) Already have a GOBLIN SOLO but want to upgrade to a DEUCE? No problem!. When playing paintball it's always good to have a backup pistol for when your primary gun runs out of ammo. I recommend a double-barreled.

Goblin Paintball agrees with Arsenal Firearms: Why get a pistol with one barrel when you can get one with two. In Goblin's case, the double. Goblin Deuce is the world's first double-barrel, air cartridge paintball pistol, ideal for whenever you might need a couple of covert back-up shots. The Deuce.