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dictionary definitions for Twitter language,Sms Speak,txt msgs, txt messages, texting, Text sms phrases, SMS lingo, Tweat, Txt messaging language thunbam. Meaning and definitions of துன்பம், translation in English language Also find spoken pronunciation of துன்பம் in Tamil and in English language. Contextual translation of "thunbam" into English. Human translations with examples: kastam.

Contextual translation of "meaning of thunbam" into English. Human translations with Results for meaning of thunbam translation from Tamil to English. Enter your English or Tamil word for translation in the search box below and click to Tamil dictionary online for the word trouble: Hear the English word audio. Thunbam nergayi yaaz eduthu. Thunbam Dance the steps of ancient Tamil dance-darling. Won't you Would you not tell me one word.

English to Tamil Dictionary is an app that brings you the biggest database of Tamil to English dictionary words. In the app you can find all the English words with. Articles Tagged: thunbam nergayil lyrics and meaning before, you definitely missed a wonderful showcase of the awesomeness of Tamil and its Pulavars:). 2nd one is a Thamizh word, 1st one is a Tamizh word and the 3rd one id the Tamil word. இடர் means Thunbam or any act which causes hardship or loss.