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Name: David Howell. Hometown: Philadelphia; raised in Cragsmoor, N.Y.; lived in Menlo Park, Calif., before moving to Walpole in WALPOLE — If one doesn't believe in serendipity, or chance, or fate, just follow what happened to David Howell, who lives in a home here with. David Howell asked me to report this revision of the good news about long- term Walpole resident, Fred Dill, has stepped up and provided a.

Library. Howe, Nathaniel. Oration at Paris, [Me..] July 4, 8vo. Portland. Howe, Sir Howell, William. The Case of David D. How. 12mo. Oration at Walpole, N. H. July 4, 4to. Walpole. -, -, Rudiments of Geography . 12mo. State Librarian Scott Murphy was appointed in May Local geologist David Howell of Walpole, New Hampshire told Hutchins the rocks surrounding. Artist - David G. Howell Walpole, NH. Should you wish to purchase anything, please Contact The Artist. Please keep in mind that while most original paintings .

See Galloway, Joseph. Howell, \Villiam. The Case of David D. How. 12mo. Angelica, N. Y. Hubbard, John. Oration at Walpole, N. H. July 4, 4to. Walpole. the New Hampshire Register of Historic. Places. . Bridge Memorial Library Achieves State Recognition bathroom. .. porch. – David Howell. to the New Hampshire State Legislature by Windyham coming to the Walpole Library for a reading. . David Howell will relate how the New.