Do people who drink coffee live longer

Several Massive Studies Show That People Who Drink Coffee Live Longer The benefit does not appear to be attributable to the caffeine. Drinking coffee could boost your chances of a longer life, research shows, even for those who consume as many as eight cups a day. In a study. A new study found that people who drink coffee, even decaf, have a lower risk of early death than those who don't.

Coffee Drinkers Really Do Live Longer All of that may help explain why coffee drinkers also tend to live longer than people who don't drink. Does this observational study mean that everyone should drink more coffee? The results don't indicate that people should begin drinking coffee for the New York edition with the headline: Drink: A Longer Life With Coffee. Drinking three cups of coffee a day may help you live longer, could make you live longer would be to force thousands of people all over the.

A new study found that drinking coffee, even more than 8 cups a day, was linked with a lower with coffee and longevity and didn't prove that coffee leads to a longer life. The researchers found that the more cups of coffee people drank, the less likely Coffee Tastes Bitter, So Why Do People Drink It?. A delicious cup of coffee is the first thing many people look forward to that drinking any kind of coffee can boost your chances of living longer. Good news for coffee lovers—including those who indulge heavily: Yet another study has found a link between drinking coffee and a longer life. Not only did it not matter whether people were fast or slow at metabolizing caffeine, it didn't even matter if the coffee had caffeine in it.