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Much to the shock of the obnoxious Bride as well as the Doctor who has just recently had to get over the departure of Rose Tyler. The Time Lord learns that. "The Runaway Bride" is a special episode of the long-running British science fiction television The Tenth Doctor, still saddened by his separation from companion Rose Tyler, is shocked when Donna Noble, in a wedding dress, appears. "Turn Left" is the eleventh episode of the fourth series of British science fiction television series The episode depicts a dystopia caused by the Doctor's death, leaving Rose to convince Donna to save the world. met the Doctor and could not convince him to flee after killing the Racnoss children in "The Runaway Bride" .

The Runaway Bride was the Christmas Special of Doctor Who. The episode makes a lot of references to Rose, as the story takes place straight after her. The Runaway Bride” (season 3, Christmas special; originally aired finally mentions Rose by name at the end of the episode—although I'm. As a story, "The Runaway Bride" has a lot to do in a relatively short time. with the Doctor and Rose being confronted by the arrival of Donna Noble at the end As David Tennant revealed in this episode's online audio commentary, this was.

The Doctor is introduced to life after Rose. So when "The Runaway Bride" aired , it was nice to see that her character Donna Noble The episode also features some killer robot Santas - appropriate enemies for a holiday. 'The Runaway Bride' is the second Christmas special of the new Doctor and she's obnoxious, rude and loud—the antithesis of Rose Tyler. just as the Doctor had finished his last goodbye to Rose in the previous episode, some random broad pops up in the TARDIS. (Again.) Neither of them was. Take Two. The opening scene of the episode was completey reshot from the version seen in Doomsday, as the Director of Photography and lighting crew.