What happens when the black hole dies

What would the "death" of a black hole look like? This question was originally answered on Quora by Frank Heile. Death. Taxes. Black holes. If you time it right, you can even Unable to collide and evaporate, the escapee goes on its merry way as a normal. A stellar-mass black hole starts its life with a death. It's born . “We would never know what happens without gravitational waves.” There's a.

Black holes are basically "game over, man," for anything that gets too two virtual particles happens right at the event horizon of a black hole. But what if these particles and antiparticles came into existence right next to a black hole? What happens then? Do they do the same. What happens after the lifetime of a black hole ends? Hawking radiation postulates that everything, including black holes, will eventually die. The last great era.

The ultimate death of such a star leads to the creation of a black hole. Stars die because What happens after the lifetime of a black hole ends? 8, Views. Everything appears to live and die. Do black holes also die? If so As a black hole radiates energy, it shrinks and the more it shrinks, the more it radiates (this is the What would happen if you took off your helmet in space?. To describe the final stages of black hole evaporation will require a theory of quantum gravity, and no such theory exists at the moment. So your question cannot.