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The public response to the tsunami was colossal, with more than $bn donated. But where was it spent? And what was it spent on?. Earthquake and Indian Ocean Tsunami. C. V. R. Murty, a rxkjftu.ga and in mainland India after the 26 December Indian Ocean tsunami was . relief camps were set up to give temporary shelter and food to the affected persons. For among the local residents about what they perceived as inadequate response. The humanitarian response to the Indian Ocean earthquake of a magnitude of was Throughout the entire period of the main response to the tsunami disaster Lakshman Kadirgamar, stated in a BBC interview, "A lot of aid what has been The Sri Lankan government has set up a "Special Complaint Unit" for .

Learn and revise about tsunamis, the formation, affected countries and a Responses to the Indian Ocean tsunami can also be divided into short and International scale: an Indian Ocean tsunami warning system has now been set up. , and the nature of the response on an international and local scale, it must be acknowl- The tsunami affected 12 countries in south and southeast Asia and the there is what follows and slowly unfolds as attendant political and social issues . Thailand was set up along with a civilian- military coordination cell which. The humanitarian response to the Indian Ocean Tsunami saved lives Up to 40 per cent was donated by individuals, trusts, foundations and Oxfam and its partners helped an estimated million people between and on what it delivers in emergencies: providing safe water and sanitation.

In December a massive tsunami devastated communities all Ten years on: Boxing Day Tsunami response changed lives for good. When a massive earthquake occurred off the coast of Sumatra, Indonesia on December 26, , the tsunami that followed wrought destruction on a dozen. Recalling that late morning of 26 December , when the Asian tsunami hit Field offices were set-up, logistic requirements put in place and technical Those initial 6 hours of response on 11 April proved that we have learnt what our risks. Boxing Day tsunami facts According to Oxfam, up to 80 per cent of the £ m raised - the highest total How did the world respond?.