Batik art how to

Batik is one of those art making processes that requires a lot of preparation and supervision on your part but is totally worth the sacrifice. About Batik. Batik is a "resist" process for making designs on fabric. The artist uses wax to prevent dye from penetrating the cloth, leaving "blank" areas in the. Sometimes unfamiliar tools and techniques can seem daunting to teach primary school children. We aim to dispel these fears by giving you simple step by step instructions to inspire and get you creating simple Batik! The wax will act as a resist and hold back the paint that will.

Batik is a fun way of permanently "painting" dyes on fabric, the traditional form of batik uses silk, but a cheaper cotton muslin is a great alternative! by Rebecca. Batik is both an art and a craft, which is becoming more popular and well known in the West as a wonderfully creative medium. The art of decorating cloth in this. How to Batik. Batik is a Javanese method of producing designs on fabric by using a wax resist. Once the fabric is painted with wax designs, it is placed in a dye.