How to improve opposite field hitting tips

#1 Biggest Opposite Field Baseball Hitting Mistake: Improper Feet Alignment I do not recommend this as a front yard activity. just some advice from A big chest will help the hitter with having a better spine angle, giving him better posture. Show me a hitter who cannot hit the ball to the opposite field and I will some good cues to give your players, and a progression of drills to. This is an excerpt from Complete Guide to Slowpitch Softball by Rainer and Julie Hitting to the opposite field (right-handed hitters to right field and left-handed.

In our training facility we teach all our hitters how to hit to the opposite field. Players think if they don't get the ball early they'll get jammed. We mention opposite field hitting often at Baseball Excellence. We don't see a lot of opposite field hitting drills going on at batting practices. Youth and high school hitters can improve their season batting averages by learning to hit outside. This means that being a left handed hitter, I hit the ball to right field quite often. and strides towards the plate is going to handle the ball on the outside part of the plate better than the inside pitch. Workshop Drills & Vision Training DVD.