How to make spoked wooden wheels

It is our pleasure to provide you our free 14" Wooden Wagon Wheel Plans. This project requires you to make four felloes (rim sections), eight spokes, eight. Spoked Wheel Jig - Homemade model making jig intended to facilitate the process of Wooden toys wheel making #2: Jig - by Dutchy @ LumberJocks. com. My spoked wheels have all been made from wine crate wood. (Don't judge me. I just um.. happened to find this wood at a beer/wine store.).

This article will explain how to make a replica wagon wheel using scrap board together either with biscuits, or with wood glue and countersunk wood screws. Drill holes through the rim of the wheel large enough for the spokes to fit through . Making a wooden carriage wheel, at Mike Rowland Wheelwright Next you make the spokes, of seasoned ash (oak has got too expensive). Coker Tire now manufactures brand new wooden wheels for all isn't available, Jonathan must make a new one from an existing spoke.