How to stop mouse acceleration osx

The following defaults write command will disable the mouse acceleration curve in Mac OS X. This is entered into the Terminal once and can. If you want to move the mouse precisely between two points on the screen, you need to turn off acceleration. Type or paste the command "defaults rxkjftu.gaPreferences rxkjftu.gag -1" into the Terminal. To enable mouse acceleration, run the "defaults write. I use a Mac to play fps games sometimes, and after playing for a little while I realized that mouse acceleration was on. It wasn't on in my game.

Even with mouse acceleration turned off, OS X uses an 'acceleration curve', which makes the mouse slower and the movements less linear. I currently have macOS Sierra and the mouse acceleration has been macos - How to disable mouse acceleration in OS X El Capitan while. And hence, there are Apple users all over the world who seek answer for how to turn off mouse acceleration. But in order to first solve the mac.

Mac OS X stores mouse and trackpad settings independently. If you want to disable acceleration on a trackpad instead of a mouse, the. Mouse Acceleration. /sheet. macOS. -1 Disable mouse acceleration with this one weird trick.