How to tie a shemagh scarf

For this style, you should not tie the shemagh behind your neck. Instead, the two ends should only cross over each other once. What are the 30 most popular uses for your shemagh? Make a knot or two in order to tie the shemagh's ends, and secure the scarf over your mouth and nose. How to Tie a Shemagh: The Shemagh is a length of material that is wrapped around the head, Wrap it around your neck as a scarf on the top of a mountain.

A shemagh or keffiyeh is essentially a large square of fabric, much like a bigger bandana. Here's how to tie a shemagh into 7 different types of. How to Tie a Military-Style scarf Shemagh Keffiyeh. Step 5: Take the shorter end and pull in under your chin and up toward the back of your. The keffiyeh or shemagh is a traditional headdress of Middle Eastern countries which is made from a square cotton scarf. It is worn by Arab people, Iranic.