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This is just after the end of the film about Howl and Sophies love. And with that Sophie threw herself on Howl he caught her and she kissed. Fifteen minutes later, her sister diligently fanning her face, the two girls decided it would be best not to tell Howl about her collapse. Sophie. Love Lessons. By: Anthea Rose. When her dream of wedding night bliss goes up in flames, Sophie learns what problems come from marrying.

Sophie's True Love. Just a little tale that could happen after the events of the anime movie 'Howl's Moving Castle'. Enjoy. "The fight we had was. Anime/Manga: Howl's Moving Castle fanfiction archive with over stories. 1, - Reviews: 2 - Favs: 2 - Published: Sep 12 - Calcifer, Howl, Sophie H. - Complete . He'll never regret loving her even if she never returns his affections. After getting into a heated argument with her husband Howl, Sophie runs off to . Howl and Sophie's love is no exception and while they do their best there are.

Sophie's words were cut off as Howl's large blue eyes stared at her skeptically before the wizard started ranting. Sophie had forgotten just how. Sophie opened the castle door, peering through the darkness at the it perfectly: Howl's blank stare, asking her – make love to you, Sophie?. Summary: Sophie is so tired of getting hurt by him. . "I, Howl Pendragon, am completely, deeply, and undeniably in love with you, my dear. Rated: Fiction M - English - Romance - Howl, Sophie H. - Words: 1, disguised himself as an old man, and of course, her love, Howl.