Midsomer murders what happened to scott

assist Inspector Barnaby in the series; whatever happened to his two predecessors? DS Daniel Scott (played by John Hopkins) joined the cast of Midsomer in While the cast of Midsomer Murders slowly changes over the years, the. Daniel Scott is a Detective Sergeant who joined CID after DS Gavin Troy's transfer. City boy Scott was reluctant at first to be working in Midsomer with Tom Barnaby, but soon warmed up to the job, despite itching to get back to London. Detective Sergeant Daniel 'Dan' Scott first. We never knew what happened to Scott after The House in The Woods after from him being ill. So here is my idea of what became of him for the.

Midsomer Murders' features do change, namely DCI Barnaby's DS Scott ( JOHN HOPKINS) looking over Cully Barnabys' (LAURA HOWARD) shoulder. +5 . One of the oddest killings he investigated was a man who was. He remained with Midsomer until the end of Series 8 playing the part of Barnaby's new Detective Sergeant, Dan Scott, a cheeky Londoner. Due to his good looks. This is a list of characters that appear in the British murder mystery series Midsomer Murders. . The episode is notable for Barnaby's lack of sympathy for Scott. . David Whitely (Christopher Villiers) appeared in "The Killings at Badger's Drift".

Dan Scott to return to Midsomer Murders caustoncid: “ John Hopkins will make his return as DS Dan Scott to Midsomer Murders in series intense endings like what show is this and then it never happened again lol text. We get "Midsomer Murders" on the Biography Channel here. Jones, stepped in when it was mentioned that John's character, Scott, was sick. A new episode of Midsomer Murders was always a big event in my it - and the very first Midsomer, The Killings at Badger's Drift, in , Of Barnaby's three sidekicks, I think I liked John Hopkins as DS Dan Scott the best. Tall, dark and handsome would certainly seem a good description of actor John Hopkins, who plays Sgt. Daniel Scott in Midsomer Murders.