What does it mean idjits supernatural

(and AWESOME) TV show supernatural often called Sam and dean (also from supernatural). Idjit Is a very high Degree of insult to anyone who is an idiot or stupid. you Idjit! Idjit another meaning for the word Idiot, meaning very very stupid. In Death's Door, Bobby's dying word to The Boys is "idjits", said with a you mean my legs. Well, I'm just weepin' in my Haagen-Dazs. Idjit. In season three episode three, 'Bad Day at Black Rock", we first hear Bobby Singer utter the word 'idjit'. Loosely defined, an idjit is someone.

This Slang page is designed to explain what the meaning of idjit is. The slang word / phrase / acronym idjit means . Online Slang Dictionary. Bobby always called Sam and Dean Idgets when they were being kind of dumb, or when he was annoyed with them, but over time it came to be. Reddit has thousands of vibrant communities with people that share For all past official episode discussions in /r/Supernatural, click here.

Idjits- "an affectionate, but exasperated, appellation applied by Bobby to Sam and Dean" it means idiot Supernatural Bobby. "IDJIT" is a word that down South means you aren't even smart enough to be called an idiot Idjits ~ Bobby Singer ~ Supernatural Fan Art Need this on a T shirt. This was one of the creepiest episodes of 'Supernatural' I can remember, but that's not the best “I mean, can you even get drunk anymore?.