How to change a cue tip

Did you know you can safely and effectively change a tip on your pool cue yourself? And why not, there are many options today from ultra-hard. How to Install Pool Cue Tips. When the tip of a pool cue becomes thin and worn down, you can replace and install the tip yourself to improve and maintain your. Knowing how to change your own pool cue tip is a great skill to have; it can save you time and money! In this Billiards tutorial, Florian “Venom” Kohler and his tip.

To do this, you will need a nice sharp razor blade (please be careful folks, it's hard to explain how you cut off your finger changing your cue tip). Try and get as . On many of the cheaper cues, the tips are hard and you will not be do to improve your cue action and win more matches is to change the tip. We will teach you how to replace a pool cue tip using a box cutter, glue, nail polish remover, and a small strip of sandpaper.

Easy Pool Tutor - This article describes the process (in detail) of how to replace a cue tip. Here are the items that you need to accomplish this task.