How to footjam tailwhip bmx for beginners

Footjam tailwhip, BMX – A combination of a stand on the front wheel in Footjam and ° rotation of the frame like in Tailwhip. Downside Footjam Tailwhip, BMX – A regular spin with an opposite Tailwhip with feet on the front tire and pedal. I can footjam tailwhip if I jam before I kick the bike around, but I super loose, cranks would spin super easy, yet my pedals would never move.

This trick is getting on my nerves. It's been so long since I started learning it. Sometimes I can't jam my foot that well and the bike spins too slow. a quick video i made on how to footjam tailwhip, i hope it helps anyone struggling with the trick. Keywords: Posted by andrewmildren4 at