How to get to giessbach falls

To reach the falls, you take a short ferry boat, then a short funicular up to the Grandhotel Giessbach, where you have a full view of the falls. The day we went here we wanted to do something different. Since we had the swiss travel pass, we hopped onto a boat on Lake Brienz. We were informed of. Looking out from behind Giessbach Falls towards the historic Giessbach Hotel. While we were on the boat traversing Lake Brienz (Brienzersee), we got this view .

Bern - Interlaken by train (SBB) --> Interlaken - Giessbach by boat. Lucerne From there, a 15 minute walk past the waterfalls leads to the hotel. Departure at the. There are boats from Interlaken and Brienz to Giessbach. If you arrive by boat, then don't forget to walk up to the fall before starting the hike. There's a bus stop at. Then hike for thirty mintues on a paved road down to the lake. The entrance to Giessbach Waterfalls is free. Those who arrive with a car must pay for parking.

Since the 19th century, there has been a footpath that leads to and under the waterfall. Since that time the 14 steps of the Giessbach Falls have been named. Giessbach – to the waterfall and hotel to see the multi-level waterfalls is on foot , with one of the footpaths leading behind the waterfall without you getting wet. This post is in reference to my posts on 48 Hours in Interlaken and 48 Hours in Interlaken Part 2. I have suggested itineraries and much more info about. The walk to the Giessbach boat landing stage follows the shoreline, But it is the falls that you have come to see, and they are there, right in.