How to render fats

Coconut oil, olive oil and butter or clarified butter are delicious fats that are also healthy for you, but the real original Paleo fats are animal fats. The advantage of animal fats like tallow, lard or poultry fat is that they can be obtained very cheaply from your local butcher. Nov 6, If you seek out ethical meat, you may have found yourself with a huge bag of animal fat at some stage. Here's how to turn that resource into lard. Tossing some bacon in a pan and melting down its fat may not be the most The first time I came across the instruction "render the bacon" in a culinary school.

May 15, Homemade rendered lard is very shelf stable. The process of rendering it removes excess water and other impurities, thus preserving the fat. May 18, Cooking bacon over low heat melts the solid fat, rendering it from the meat. It's so versatile, and a little goes a long way, so it's our. Aug 14, Render is a culinary term for melting and clarifying hard animal fat in dry heat or wet heat for cooking purposes.

Mar 12, Despite the bad rap from conventional medicine and most nutritionists, fats from animals raised on pasture are of great benefit to human health. Rendering lard is a lost art – a worthwhile technique forgotten in a fat-phobic, Lean Cuisine-centered culture. Many cooks, seeking out local foods and forgotten. Buying high quality animal fats can be expensive. But don't be intimidated: rendering animal fats is easy! Here's how to make your own lard or tallow.