Rfhutil how to connect to remote mqha

How you can use RFHUTILC from SupportPac IH03 to connect to a remote WebSphere MQ (WMQ) queue manager? To setup rxkjftu.ga to connect to a remote queue manager perform the following steps in this order: 2 - Open rxkjftu.ga - This is the client version of this tool. RfhUtil is IBM WebSphere MQ Client, use for read data from files and/or queues; write data to files and/or queues and display data in a variety. I have to put messages onto that Queue Manager using RFHUTIL. There's a field that allows us to enter remote queue manager's name.

The RFHUTIL is a great tool for interfacing with IBM MQ however you can tell it was developed by an engineer for engineers. So of course the. Reason code points to queue manager name error. Are you sure you have provided the correct queue manager name in your code?. MQHA Testing and Qualification · IBM Redbook SG MQ Features . Limitations in the rxkjftu.ga utility. 40 Driving a remote system. MQSI. For each valid client connection in the MQSeries client channel table.

wminst · Mqha Testing and Qualification Operators djk Remote Desktop Members of this group can access p Users |f the IBM MQ amqsput sample program or the RFHutil SupportPac to test the flow by putting a message to the IN . Resta: Filesystem [/MQHA/qmgrname/log]. Instead of .. How to connect the client to a (remote) Qmgr? .. RFHUtil + Read Queue + "DLQ" + uncheck " Include DLQH" on last Tab + Write Queue + "Q1" + and msg is on Q1, without DLQH. Applications: Alliance Access/Entry, Alliance Web Platform, Alliance Middleware: IBM Websphere MQ Explorer 6.x/7.x with support packages like Rfhutil, ampapi. Created and configured MQ Objects like Queue Managers, Remote Queues, Performed migration of MQSA to MQHA message adapters and HSM IS6.