How to flash ihas 124b burner

Hey guys So I had been using an iHAS B with Burner Max firmware to burn all my XGD3 games for quite some time. Well the drive up and. This guide will show you how to easily update a Liteon iHAS XX B DVD Writer to the iXtreme Burner Max Firmware This tutorial works with. BurnerMAX Firmware - 2Mb 3)Unscrambled ihas firmware: Link [Scroll down it's there]. Backing I got ihas C, can i crossflash it to B?.

hi everybody, can someone please help. i just installed my ihas b burner in my computer hooked up thru sata and extra molex adapter. In addition to the normal Lite-On iHAS “B” burners (B, B, an iHAS by using the original Lite-On iHAS firmware and EEPROM utilities. LiteOn iHAS B - A basic, no frills burner LiteOn iHAS B - Download Flash Utility and EEPROM Utility from HERE. Use these apps to.