How to summarize a story ppt slides

Summarizing. Using Your Own Words Summarizing Why do it and typhoons may be several hundred miles wide, travel thousands of miles and last for days. Summarizing. Getting to the Point. Summary. Short account of the central ideas of a text. Summaries are not a place for Opinions; Background knowledge. This PowerPoint Presentation is © by Robin L. Simmons. All Rights As you collect sources for your research essay,. you will need to To write an effective summary, follow these guidelines: The 60 Minutes story “Thrift Shop Masterpiece” explains the controversy surrounding a possible Jackson Pollack painting.

Welcome! Today we are going to use. art to practice summarizing. Are you ready ? A Summarizing Lesson. When readers summarize,. they capture only the most. "The key to effective slides," says Cliff Atkinson, author of "Beyond Bullet Points," is to distill the essential details of your presentation and tell a story that "takes. NON-FICTION. Name It. Verb It. Big Picture. Jot Dots Purpose? Paraphrase and list the main ideas. Establishing a focus for a summary. The main idea is the .

Follow your. outline and write the summary. Verb list. Verb Reference List for Summaries. tells explains compares. lists shows defines acknowledges evaluates. “Practice in summarizing improves students' reading comprehension of fiction and nonfiction alike, helping to construct an overall understanding of a text, story, . Writing the Summary. • Identify the main word or idea texts before class to prepare for class discussion. • Do your . Look at overall story. • Apply to your own.