Only drink when thirsty

Researchers have discovered a swallowing mechanism that makes drinking excess water difficult, suggesting we should only drink when we. New research suggests, we should drink water only when thirsty. Hence, when it comes to water intake, we may fare better by listening to the. But, really, you should just drink when you're thirsty. It turns out your body is pretty good at judging when it's low on water. In fact, drinking when.

A new "only drink water when you're thirsty" study has rocked our world today. When it comes to water intake, we may fare better by listening to the body's needs. So, drink water only when you are thirsty. Most of us grew up hearing the maxim “You must drink 8 x 8ounce glasses of water every day” which most individuals found rather difficult to do.

You become irritable and annoyed when you're haven't been drinking enough water. Not only that, you can confuse your thirst for hunger, leading you to eat. As opposed to what? Eating when you're not hungry? Unless your hunger and thirst cues are completely messed up by illness or an eating. Endurance Athletes Should Only Drink When Thirsty, Experts Say Athletes should listen to their body and drink water as needed to prevent a. “Using the innate thirst mechanism to guide fluid consumption is a strategy that should limit drinking in excess and developing hyponatremia.