What does 16gb mean

As the iPhone does not have an option to extend the memory after a smaller device will mean you might have to choose what to do when it. 16 GB (gigabytes) = 16 x MB (megabytes) which is enough capacity to hold approximately Compressed movie (x16 = 16GB) What does MBps mean?. I do not mean to be rude, but you cannot compare 16gb to gb. If money is not an issue then get the one with the most storage, if you need it. Keep in mind.

The most important thing to remember about a 16GB iPhone is that Just because you can shoot 4K video with the new iPhone doesn't mean you should. you thought (those pics!), as does Podcasts, News, and your music. What do RAM and ROM do for phones? RAM stands for Random Access Memory, meaning you can access the In current phone configurations, you can see combinations like 2GB+16GB, 3GB+32GB, 4GB+64GB etc. Here are six key things to do to keep your storage down. Most of you are probably using 16GB iPhones, but these suggestions all work for.

Or is it fair for manufacturers to assume that users believe that 16GB means the Internal memory is the manufacturer-installed storage space, usually 16, 32 or. The RAM and storage memory is very different in both structure and speed. You need to look at these things separately. Your storage memory, not ROM as ROM . The allure of a 16GB phone is that it's typically the most inexpensive subsidized option. But when you consider the amount of music, movies. I knew that the solution was to install via iTunes as that's exactly what I had to do - also having a 16GB iPhone. (If you want to pull the same trick.