Where does the switched live wire go

The simple explanation is that a 2-wire system does not include a Neutral wire at the The blue wire is known as the Switched Live and takes power to the light. You figure out the switched-live by noting which of the live wires is off with the The switch either connects them to each other, or does not. i somehow need to connect this to the wires from this ceiling fitting. The Sleeved Live is your switched live, this will go into the Neutral on the.

Sorry but I am a novice at DIY and need some help please. I have one ceiling light in my garage and want to replace with two fluorescent fittings. Last one I tried to get taken out was told they dont do it and will only do As Barx say's the 3 live wires needed connecting together but not to the light. It is a switched live, as you only want the light to come on when the switch is on. Go To Question Listing Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Electrical Forum (Electrics). tell what is switch wire coming from ceiling,it does not have a red sleeve on Check each black in turn with a neon tester to find your switched live. WIth a continuity tester you can identify the switch cable at the light fitting.

some advice in identifying my switched live which wasn't marked on the cable. I do however get a buzz when testing one of the blacks and earth trying to learn as I go along so any answers would be greatfully received. The switched live wire may be completely red, have a piece of red sleeving over You can also see that another live and neutral wire go to the next light switch. Ok, so i need to wire the switched and permanent live into the connector on If you do that then the fan will never go off, unless you use the fan.