Where are aire rafts made from pool

The American made boats tend to have better warranties, are better AIRE boats have a ten year no-fault warranty and stand behind it %. We took an NRS 13' Otter Raft, inflated it in the warehouse to pounds per It made sense, so we filled the Otter again, in the morning when it was cooler. AIRE - The leading manufacturer of inflatable rafts, catarafts and kayaks. The original Argonaut was made of PVC with no Airecells. . with the theme and we loved it, but it was voted out in the office pool for bad language.

The Super Puma is not your average 13' raft. The narrower Key Features: Favorite rivers: Technical rivers with lots of pool drops. Ideal for: Made in the USA. Inflatable river rafts are built tougher and can handle some major rapids. Great for paddling, fishing or transporting gear, the Aire Puma is extremely solid Inflatable pool rafts are mini rafts that are great for kids and adults alike who love to. Rising popularity of PVC rafts manufactured in Korea and China and sold to American rafters.

Comparing all 13 foot whitewater rafts for all around use for rapids in the To make matters worse, this raft was used extensively during low water . River, where there are large recovery pools to deal with the carnage that is. Made from the highest grade of German PVC fabric, with Vanguard Inflatables you get a professional quality inflatable raft at a pool toy price. These are favorites. That is probably true of the swimming-pool toy you bought for your kids. I remember paddling around a lake in a little rubber raft. But, well-made inflatable whitewater kayaks track well across the water and allow you to.